Dakota Diva Book Reviews

  • The Jane Austen Project  by Kathleen A. Flynn

    This book started slow, but ended up being both sweet and philosophical. A team of time travelers are sent to see if they can meet Jane Austen. They are assigned to befriend her and to locate a manuscript that is thought to be lost.  Of course the directive to alter history as little as possible and the social customs of 19th century England made this somewhat difficult.  Overall I am glad I stuck....

  • Let Me Lie  by Clare Mackintosh

    Anne is a young mother who has lived through the suicide of both her parents. Then she receives a note making her think it wasn't suicide at all. Were her parents really murdered? This book has many twists and turns, great secondary characters, and a plot that picks up speed as it goes, making it hard to put down. My only complaint is a bit of a glum final wrap up for the characters. Otherwise thi....

  • The Rosie Project  by Graeme Simsion
    FICTION / November 27, 2017

    I loved this book.  It's a quirky story of Don, a man somewhere on the autism spectrum, and Rosie, a somewhat free spirit of a woman, and how they fall in love. I read it in one day, although at only 292 pages that might not be saying too much. I am going to read the sequel, which does say something, at least to me.

  • The Brothers Cabal  by Jonathan L. Howard
    SCI-FI / FANTASY / November 18, 2017

    I've been planning on reading something from the "Johannes Cabal" series for awhile. These books, by Jonathan L. Howard, are in the Fantasy/Science Fiction section of my library. This one is about Horst and Johannes,  two brothers, one a vampire, the other a necromancer. Sounds interesting, right? In this installment, we read about these two anti-hero types battling an evil organization that wants....

  • The Deal of a Lifetime  by Fredrik Backman
    FICTION / November 12, 2017

    I read this because a friend loaned it to me and it looked like it might be a meaningful Christmas story. I found it to be bittersweet, and to me, more like an episode of "The Twilight Zone" than "It's a Wonderful life."  Maybe I am missing the point, and I might be in the minority, but I found it a bit odd. The author could have taken another turn with it, made it a bit longer, and made it more h....

  • The Lying Game  by Ruth Ware
    MYSTERY , WOMEN'S FICTION / November 03, 2017

    The Lying Game by Ruth Ware turned out to be better than I expected. I guess I had let some mediocre reviews cloud my impression before I even started the book.  So the book is about four girls at a boarding school in England and the dark secret that forces them apart and ultimately back together years later. Of course there is plenty of suspense, and the author is skilled at writing characters wh....

  • Fast Girl  by Suzy Favor Hamilton
    AUDIO BOOK / October 28, 2017

    "Money, adoration, and sex were what made me happy." This is a quote from the author while she was deep in the depths of undiagnosed manic depression and bipolar disorder. I listened to an audiobook version of the non-fiction book Fast Girl, and I thought is was eye opening and brutally honest. It covers her time as a runner, wife, mother, and Las Vegas escort. I have had two experiences with ment....

  • Sleeping Beauties  by Stephen King and Owen King
    FICTION / October 25, 2017

    When I picked up Sleeping Beauties and held it in my hand, I wondered "Am I going to finish this?" (It is 700 pages). Well, it took me two weeks, but I must stay, I never felt like I wouldn't finish. The story revolves around an idea of a world without men. Would it be better? How would it even happen? What would happen to the men? Or to the women? In Sleeping Beauties, it starts when all the wome....

  • Tulip Fever  by Deborah Moggach
    FICTION , HISTORICAL FICTION / October 13, 2017

    I just finished Tulip Fever by Deborah Moggach. It came to my attention a while ago, and then I saw it had been made into a movie. I decided I had to read it. For those who like a quick, easy read, this might be for you. The format of the book is one that switched POV with each new chapter, but I found I could follow along without problem. The characters are well formed. The time period, circa 164....

  • The Late Show  by Michael Connelly
    MYSTERY / October 02, 2017

    This author has many books in our Mystery Section, so when I saw The Late Show was introducing a new Detective--Renee Ballard,  I decided it was a good time to give him a try. The Late Show refers to the night shift and Renee is stuck there because of past trouble between her and another cop. On the "Late Show" shift she responds to calls but then turns the case over to the day shift.  For me the ....