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Sleeping Beauties

October 25, 2017
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When I picked up Sleeping Beauties and held it in my hand, I wondered "Am I going to finish this?" (It is 700 pages). Well, it took me two weeks, but I must stay, I never felt like I wouldn't finish. The story revolves around an idea of a world without men. Would it be better? How would it even happen? What would happen to the men? Or to the women? In Sleeping Beauties, it starts when all the women (girls too) fall asleep and cocoon themselves in a filmy gauze.  Of course there are those who resist sleep and one special stand out- a woman named Evie.  Many, many characters are in the book. True to a work by King the writing is fantastic, but I didn't feel a sense of excitement, or chills, or creepiness that I got when I read Salem's Lot or The Shining. The King's are heading into different territory here. Some might even suggest the plot is actually a lesson of sorts. There is action, guns, and killing. One of the best parts is a huge scene where there is a showdown/attack on a prison.  I could see it as if it was before me.  Finally, I have to say that my library copy is categorized as Fiction, and I wonder if it should be Fantasy, as the story, to me, seemed to be leaning that way.

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