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Local Woman Missing

March 07, 2021
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I spent the weekend reading Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica. Thanks to Harlequin Books, Mary Kubica, and NetGalley for the ARC of this book. The reader starts out 11 years before the current day with a short prologue of a woman going for run, and meeting a vague but implied bad ending. The reader then transitions to the story of Delilah, in current time, before heading to another character 11 years before. I quickly caught on to this format of back and forth and made note of which character was where in time. We go on to learn that Delilah went missing around age 6 and has been missing for 11 years. Her mother was found dead around the time Delilah vanished. Her mother, Meredith, is also a narrator in the book, also telling her story from 11 years ago. As a reader we are drawn to the characters and their stories. Everyone has been damaged by past events and everyone has a piece of the puzzle. There are twists, turns, and surprises will that will fool the best sleuths. I did think the writer occasionally overdid some of the atmospheric details. There was a lot of rain, and as readers we were bombarded with description of it at times. In one scene the car was wet, the roads were wet, the road was slippery because it was wet from the rain, etc... The reader can make that jump in my opinion, no need to get that deep into description for me. If you like C.J. Tudor of The Chalk Man or Alice Feeney of Sometimes I Lie you will enjoy Local Woman Missing. It's publish date is 05-18-2021.

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