Dakota Diva Book Reviews

  • The Best of H. P. Lovecraft : The Shadow Over Innsmouth  by H.P. Lovecraft
    FICTION / June 19, 2017

    A family member of mine recommended I read something by H. P. Lovecraft and so I finally sat down to read some of his short stories.  The one I focus on here is The Shadow Over Innsmouth. It is a creepy horror tale that has an in depth setting of a small town and a somewhat mysterious narrator as the main character. This character tells the reader of the government making a strange and secret inve....

  • Shadow's Seduction (Immortals After Dark, Vol 17)  by Kresley Cole
    PARANORMAL ROMANCE / June 19, 2017

    Shadow's Seduction was an impulse addition to my book queue that turned out to be a fun summer read. I like Paranormal Romance and Kresley Cole is one author I keep an eye on. Overall the story of Prince Mirceo and Caspion is everything a reader would expect from the author. Sexy, strong males (two of them!) involved in action, danger, sex, and an emotional battle of will they, won't they, are the....

  • The Boys in the Boat  by Daniel James Brown

    I read this in the Young Adult version for a book club I am in and it proved to be a good read and even better discussion. Just so you know, this is a non-fiction book, but it reads more like fiction. It centers around a group of University of Washington crew members who travel to the 1936 German Olympics.  A lot of the story is moved forward through the eyes of Joe, a young crew member who was ab....

  • The Sky Is Everywhere  by Jandy Nelson
    FICTION , ROMANCE , YOUNG ADULT / June 11, 2017

    The Sky Is Everywhere is the story of a girl named Lennie, who is grieving the tragic loss of her sister. It is sweet and sad at the same time, but also somewhat hopeful. Kind of like youth itself. The story progresses fast and is dotted with snippets of mysterious "notes" that help keep the reader engaged. Overall a satisfying read.

  • The Tea Planter's Wife  by Dinah Jefferies
    HISTORICAL FICTION / June 10, 2017

    The cover art of The Tea Planter's Wife caught my eye one day, but it was the story that kept my interest.  Part love story, part mystery, part lesson on the secrets we keep, this novel covers it all, and then some.  Set on a tea plantation in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) the reader is enveloped in the story of a young women who finds herself married to widower.  Elements of social customs and race make....

  • The Red: An Erotic Fantasy  by Tiffany Reisz

    Step to the line, then cross it. The Red, a work of erotic fantasy fiction, will take you, turn you, and flip you over. It is the story of Mona Lisa St James, who wants to save The Red, an art gallery, and Malcolm, who helps her. The story moves fast as Mona and Malcolm, and the reader, explore art, kinky sex, and mystery. The author's writing gives us a likeable heroine, with natural dialogue, an....

  • A Man Called Ove  by Fredrik Backman

    It can be hard to like someone who is grumpy and bossy.  But with this novel, the old man Ove is more than he seems.  It might take work to get through the beginning of the novel, but it is worth it as we learn more and more about Ove and his past. Good or bad? Blessings or tragedy? What made him the way he is, and is he worth the effort? I would recommend this for book clubs.

  • To Capture What We Cannot Keep  by Beatrice Colin
    HISTORICAL FICTION / June 10, 2017

    Love to learn about real history through novels? If so, put To Capture What We Cannot Keep on your list. This work of fiction is a light lesson on the building of the Eiffel Tower mixed with a bit of romance. Strong characters and vivid imagery round out an enjoyable, easy read.

  • The Wonder  by Emma Donoghue
    HISTORICAL FICTION / June 10, 2017

    Can a person live on faith alone?  The Wonder delves into this question through Lib, an English nurse who is sent to observe a young Irish girl who refuses to eat. The story progresses by examining the girl and her family's religious beliefs, contrasted with Lib's scientific ones.  Well written, a tiny bit slow in the middle, but wraps up strong.