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The Brothers Cabal

November 18, 2017
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I've been planning on reading something from the "Johannes Cabal" series for awhile. These books, by Jonathan L. Howard, are in the Fantasy/Science Fiction section of my library. This one is about Horst and Johannes,  two brothers, one a vampire, the other a necromancer. Sounds interesting, right? In this installment, we read about these two anti-hero types battling an evil organization that wants to create a supernatural homeland on earth. Witty humor, sarcasm, and great cover art aside, I found myself wanting to put it down, maybe not finish it, or move onto another book.  But I had some extra time, so I continued on. (That's how I roll.) But, when I have the feeling I might DNF, I usually don't go back to the series, so for now, this will be my only Cabal novel.

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