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July 03, 2017
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I spent the weekend reading Devoted, romance novel by JC Harroway.  It is the story of Tyler and Mallory, two people each dealing with loss in their own way.  The circle of their lives intersected in the tiniest way years ago and now they have met again as adults. Tyler is a movie director and Mallory is the manger of her sister, a rising star for Tyler's latest project. But can two people find love in the middle of grief, guilt, and obligation? It's hard. The novel progresses through ups and downs, some anger, and miscommunication. It also has some very hot sex scenes.  I felt the theme of loss and love was handled well, and the characters of  both Mallory and her sister take steps to grow and learn in the novel.  In contrast to what was well handled is what I felt didn't always work: like some of the main character's interactions and dialogue. For me these didn't always ring quite true. For example I remember one time Mallory's "inner dialogue" called Tyler an assh*!@.  It somehow seemed too harsh, too extreme; after all Mallory is portrayed as vintage, unique, and to me, at the time in the novel, these two hardly knew each other.  To wrap up, I think the author has written a standard romance with a thoughtful theme and mainly likeable characters, with a few steamy sex scenes thrown in that will satisfy those looking for a quick read.

Sidenote - This was an Advance Reading Copy

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