The Chosen by J.R. Ward
Fiction , Paranormal Romance / July 7, 2017

The Chosen is the latest novel in the Black Dagger Brotherhood world. The title refers to Layla, a “Chosen” and the story is mainly about her and her love interest Xcor. Ward’s writing style is to weave a couple story lines into a single book, leaving most to continue into another book. In addition to the main love story, the author highlights Tohr and V, two brothers who’s stories don’t seem exactly tidy, which is probably why they appear here.  I’ll admit I have been waiting for the author to write about Layla and Xcor because I really couldn’t imagine how a “Happily Ever After” would occur for these two. And as Ward writes these books as romance novels, a HEA is usually in the cards. So Layla has given birth to twins and the biological father is Qhuinn. Blay, Qhuinn’s partner, is also considered a father to the twins. It’s when Qhuinn discovers that Layla is secretly seeing Xcor, enemy of the BDB, that everything falls apart.  For me, I felt that the author delves into love and loyalty in this book. Love for a child, a family, a brotherhood. Loyalty to an idea, a group, a moral compass. These are tough issues. Who knows how we will react when faced with…

Shadow’s Seduction by Kresley Cole (Immortal’s After Dark 17)
Paranormal Romance / June 19, 2017

Shadow’s Seduction was an impulse addition to my book queue that turned out to be a fun summer read. I like Paranormal Romance and Kresley Cole is one author I keep an eye on. Overall the story of Prince Mirceo and Caspion is everything a reader would expect from the author. Sexy, strong males (two of them!) involved in action, danger, sex, and an emotional battle of will they, won’t they, are they, aren’t they? A little shorter than her average novel, but still satisfying. We even got to hear from some familiar friends of the IAD world that made me want to go back and re-read one of my IAD favorites just because I remembered how much I liked it. Pick this one up if you like the genre and want to read a same-sex story.