City of Second Chances by Jane Lacey-Crane
Advance Reading Copy , Fiction , Women's Fiction / November 28, 2018

It was the book’s cover art that grabbed my attention. Snowflakes are falling, New York City gleams in the distance. The blurb “Funny and heartwarming, the perfect winter read” sealed the deal as I requested an ARC of City of Second Chances from NetGalley. (Thank you Author Jane Lacey-Crane and NetGalley ) For this reader the novel itself didn’t come together as well as the cover art.  I liked both the concept of a widow looking to change and the characters of Evie and Rachael and Evie’s sister Kate, but for me, one especially sad subplot (one of many) driving the first part of the book derailed my enjoyment. It turned the novel away from funny and heartwarming. True, this mirrors life. Not everything is neat and tidy. Some may like this realism, but for this reader it felt like the book was trying to do too much.