Unraveling Oliver by Liz Nugent
Fiction / August 30, 2018

I couldn’t stop reading Unraveling Oliver. This book grabbed my attention with exceptionally vivid characters and a fast twisting plot. We start with Oliver, who has just beaten his wife Alice into a coma. Yes, that is the start of the story!! The format of the novel goes from past to present and into multiple points of view, but I had no problem following along. We live and learn about the characters as they fall in love, come out of the closet, struggle with a mentally challenged family member.  But mostly as readers we keep wondering: Why? Why would Oliver do this?  If you liked The Woman in Cabin 10 or The Girl on the Train you’ll like Unraveling Oliver.

Picture Perfect Cowboy by Tiffany Reisz
Advance Reading Copy , Erotica , Romance / August 26, 2018

Looking for a quick, kinky love story where the man is the novice for once? Picture Perfect Cowboy is that story. Jason Waters, professional bull rider, (retired) is struggling with his desire to dominate women. It’s something he’s thought about in secret and explored only through the internet. After agreeing to be photographed for a calendar for literacy he meets pink-haired, sexy Simone, a sometimes photographer, sometimes professional submissive. Simone has no issues with her sexual desires and jumps at the chance to help him with his. And so the kink begins. In my opinion the story reads a bit too much like a non-fiction “how to” book. I’d title it “Dominance 101” or “So You’re Kinky, Now What?”  Chapter one would be all about how consenting adults can do whatever they want in the bedroom or playroom, or wherever there’s a spare riding crop or blindfold. This novel promotes that concept with a somewhat simplistic plot and likeable, although unmemorable, characters. That said, the author weaves a nice story that is more romance than erotica and given the price of $3.99 for the ebook on Amazon, perhaps we are getting about what is expected. Even at that low price, this reader would have liked more heart and confidence from Jason and less recitation from Simone. I received an ARC…